Local Craft Brewery in Grandview, MO


Keeping our earth, air and water clean, healthy and enjoyable for years to come.

Protecting Our Environment

It is important at The Chive and Transparent Brewing Company to be sustainable. We can cause irreparable damage in a very short time if some simple steps are ignored.

Chef Michelle wants her sons, Corey and Nolan, and grandsons Beckett, Ryker and Kash to enjoy nature and the out of doors into their adult lives. We can all work together to protect our natural environment and ecosystems.

What we are doing


  • Our lattice structure above the bar was made from reclaimed wood.
  • We compost all food scraps.
  • We serve smaller portions, therefore less waste.
  • We built the slat walls from broken down crates and skids.
  • We buy as much as we possibly can local to decrease our carbon footprint.
  • We encourage and offer returnable containers.
  • We use no Styrofoam.
  • We use green cleaning products.
  • We are smoke free establishment and request no BUTTS be dropped on the ground outside.
  • In future building phases, we plan to have a grey water system, solar panels, a green roof, and a windmill.
  • We recycle all packaging.
  • Our diners use real service ware and napkins.
  • We offer compostable one time use straws.
  • We have plans to make a large portion of our property into a developing green space and food forest.
  • We encourage arriving on foot and on bicycle.
  • Our new building was constructed with all recyclable materials, real wood, stone, metal.
  • We use no VOC (volatile organic compound) products.
  • We have a completely native landscape.
  • We choose energy efficient equipment.
  • Our tables were handmade from reclaimed wood from a 1920’s hay barn in Seymour, MO.

What you can do



  • Buy local products from The Chive and farmers close to you or at the many farmers markets in the area.
  • Attend a sustainability class offered at The Chive.
  • Use a reusable water bottle and avoid buying bottles of water.
  • Plant native trees, shrubs and plants in your yard which helps the soil, the air and the wildlife.
  • Check out the packaging something is in before you buy it. Can it be recycled. If not, find an alternative. (especially hard Styrofoam packaging)
  • Create a recycling center in your home and recycle all you can. There is a great recycling center just off I-49 at Red Bridge Rd. Open Wed – Sat 8-5.


  • Walk or bike somewhere instead of drive.
  • Turn your heat down a degree or two and your AC up a degree or two. Turn off any lights not in use.
  • Consider buying an electric car as they become more available and affordable.
  • Simplify your cleaning products to bleach, vinegar, baking soda, and biodegradable dish soap.
  • Switch to nylon or cotton produce and bread bags. Available at The Chive.
  • Decrease the use of single use plastics, plastic bags and other items.
  • Bring reusable bags, cups and to go containers to The Chive and other places you shop. Return containers to The Chive.
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